Principal Software Engineer with experience in modernizing applications as part of cloud migration initiatives based on serverless architecture. Expertise includes researching new technologies and design patterns, building prototypes, building products from the ground up, establishing reference architectures, and gaining buy-in from members across the organization.


DevWidgets – Youtube Channel – 2020

AWS SQS Events On AWS Lambda – Sep 2018

AWS Online Tech Talks: Debug your Container & Serverless Applications with AWS X-Ray in 5 Minutes – April 2018

AWS re:Invent 2017: Monitoring and Troubleshooting in a Serverless World (SRV303)

Enabling AWS X-Ray on AWS Lambda – July 2017

AWS Lambdas with a static outgoing IP – Sept 2016


Edelman Financial Engines; Sunnyvale, CA – 2018-Present

Sr Architect, Principal Engineer, Retail Consumer Products; Remote, FL – 2020-Present

Software Architect, Sr Staff Software Engineer – 2018-2020

  • Lead architect for authentication and authorization serverless microservices built on AWS managed services like AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon ElastiCache backed by Okta as the IDP.
  • Architecture and implementation lead for an identity microservice to manage client connections between 3rd-party applications, the identity provider, and Edelman Financial Engine services. Technologies used: Java application in Hexagonal Architecture, Amazon API Gateway with a custom authorizer, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Okta.
  • Architecture and implementation lead for a customer-facing SPA for creating and managing credentials for the various Edelman Financial Engines applications. Technologies used: TypeScript, ReactJs, Jest.

Financial Engines; Sunnyvale, CA – 2013-2018

Software Architect, Sr Staff Software Engineer, Office of the CTO; Sunnyvale CA & Remote, FL – 2016-2018

  • Designed and implemented a batch processing solution to pre-calculate Monte Carlo simulations using event-driven and serverless architecture. Technologies used: AWS SNS, AWS SQS, AWS Lambda AWS DynamoDB, AWS S3, AWS Athena. 
  • Created reference architectures for AWS features and services that were new to the company, including AWS Lambda, AWS X-Ray, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and the Amazon SQS trigger for Lambda when it launched.
  • Mentored teams in implementing AWS best practices for serverless microservices using managed services like AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, and Amazon DynamoDB.
  • Organized yearly company Hack-a-thon, and coordinated judging with the Financial Engines Executive Board.
  • Managed the company tech blog, and generated content.
  • Automated developer environment configuration using custom Homebrew scripts.

Staff Software Engineer, Consumer Products; Sunnyvale CA – 2013-2016

  • Team lead for a group of junior and senior software engineers.
  • Develop frontend code using AngularJS and jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Sass. 
  • Develop REST API endpoints in Java utilizing technologies like Spring, Hibernate and JSON.
  • Employ test driven development practices using JUnit, JMock, Selenium, Jasmine and Protractor. 
  • Key Team Projects:
    • Launched a freemium product with an improved registration flow built on AngularJS, with bower components, Sass, Nodejs and Gulp that increased total converted users by 550% –
    • Worked on creating Social Security free service with 55% conversions and an +40 NPS –

Crown Awards; Hawthorn, NY – 2007-2013

Software Engineer, Backend Development; Remote, FL – 2010-2013

  • Introduced features to increase customers’ ability to customize their finished product
  • Created batch/import processes to move order information directly to press machines.
  • Created application enhancements to improve session management between load-balanced virtualized Web Servers.
  • Increased search engine usage by about 250%.
    • Enhanced and expanded search engine algorithm,
    • Added filtering by size, price, category and product line, and custom sorting,
    • Dynamically generated product thumbnails to reflect customer’s search terms.
  • Made site wide improvements to enhance user experience including features such as:
    • Modular popups within the user’s window,
    • AJAX processing to improve perceived page load times.
  • Mentor, perform code reviews for, and manage projects for junior developers

Web Developer, Frontend Development; Hawthorn, NY – 2007-2010

  • Planned new projects improving user interactions
  • Created mockups for customer-facing projects, including documenting the flow of information
  • Maintained JSP dynamic templates, as well as static content throughout the site.
  • Improved customer download times through cleanup and reduction of unnecessary code and hi-res images

Programming Skills

Cloud Technologies: AWS CloudFormation, AWS Lambda, Amazon Route 53, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SQS, AWS IAM, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS X-Ray, Amazon VPC, AWS EC2, AWS SNS

Languages and Frameworks: Java, JUnit, JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, AJAX, SQL, Python, C++.


Polytechnic Institute of NYU – MS, Computer Science, 2012 In Major GPA: 3.7

Andrews University – BT, Digital Multimedia, 2005 GPA: 3.5

Andrews University – BA, Spanish for International Trade, 2005 GPA: 3.5

Certifications & Awards

CSSLP – (ISC)2, 2013-2019

AWS Certified Developer Associate – AWS, 2016-2018

NYU-Poly Graduate Center Merit-Based Scholarship – GPA Higher than 3.5

Andrews Partnership Scholarship – GPA Higher than 3.5

DeHaan Scholarship – Work Excellence in Student Employment